Atlas Orthogonal & Katie May Tragedy

Annapolis Chiropractor Dr. Marc Schwartz offers gentle alternative to traditional chiropractic adjustment in light of Katie May tragedy

October 21, 2016 — In the news today, we were saddened to read details about the tragic death of 34-year-old model and mother, Katie May, a pop icon with more than 2 million followers on Instagram. Katie suffered from neck pain, and visited her chiropractor just days before her death in February 2016.

“Katie May’s father, Joe May, says the Los Angeles County coroner attributed his daughter’s death to the actions of a chiropractor,” reported ABC news. “The coroner’s office said the official cause of death was vertebral artery dissection, which is essentially the manipulation of the neck. It tore an artery leading to the brain.”

While this tragedy was most likely associated with a previously existing condition in Ms. May’s neck, it puts a spotlight on traditional chiropractic adjustments and technique. Some patients may wonder if there is a safer, gentler alternative.

For those who suffer from neck, back or hip pain but may fear traditional chiropractic adjustments, there is a proven alternative.

Atlas Orthogonal is a safe, gentle method of treating neck pain and spinal misalignment. Through precise x-rays, the exact misalignment of the spine is determined. Then the Atlas Orthogonal adjustment itself is performed to the upper neck, but instead of cracking or twisting the neck, Atlas Orthogonal uses a gentle percussive wave. It is basically sound waves penetrating into the neck, resulting in a gentle realignment. Patients typically report that they feel no pain and are in no discomfort. Unlike standard chiropractic treatments, there is no cracking or twisting of the neck or spine in an Atlas Orthogonal upper cervical adjustment.

“This gentle, meticulous approach has helped to heal thousands of people with a wide range of misalignment conditions,” said Dr. Marc Schwartz, a Doctor of Chiropractic who is Board Certified in Atlas Orthogonal. “Here at Atlas Chiropractic in Annapolis, we restore proper body balance and alignment, enabling the body itself to minimize or heal the painful condition.”

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