Patient Testimonials

“What a relief (literally!) it has been to find this doctor. Stepping into my mid-fifties has been physically challenging. He has helped me with migraine headaches and neck pain, hip pain, and most recently, ear issues. As a relatively new (last three years) patient to chiropractic care, I typically see my GP (General Practitioner) for a diagnosis, and then, when given a prescription for a steroid or pain medication, or told the condition is something I’ll have to learn to live with, I call Dr. Schwartz to see if chiropractic care can help. Recently, after having an audiology test, an ENT doctor told me I had permanent, irreversible hearing loss in my right ear and would just have to get used to the tinnitus and uncomfortable sensation of fullness. Two painless adjustments from Dr. Schwartz corrected the condition. Dr. Schwartz and his staff are warm and caring, and the treatments I’ve had have always been very gentle – no major popping or cracking or significant pressure, just small precise adjustments that make a huge difference in my well-being.”
Annapolis, MD
Dr. Schwartz has a great “bedside manner” and treats you as a human being, not just the next client to be seen. He is skilled in many different non-invasive approaches. I feel like my treatment was tailored specifically for me vs. other chiropractors I’ve been to. Non-invasive is key for me, as the ”rack ’em crack ’em” approach never worked for me.
In 1993, I was rear-ended by a truck where the driver claimed he never saw me. I walked away from that automobile accident with 2 herniated discs and I suffered with pain for 3 years. I went to doctors who wanted to operate. I went to chiropractors who torqued my neck and lower back in all directions. I even went to physical therapists and psychologists but the pain always returned upon leaving the appointments when I was faced with the tasks of daily living and reality.
It was my great fortune that while visiting my sister in Atlanta, Georgia, I found myself in the office of Dr. Roy Sweat, the leading authority in Atlas Orthogonal training. With the very first treatment I came away and resumed living, finally with no pain and amazingly enough, no invasion of my body. It was the adjustment of my atlas that released me from the long ordeal of that daily gnawing pain.
Now the best part of the story is when I was referred to Dr. Marc Schwartz in Annapolis! Rather than periodic flights to Atlanta, I have been able to maintain my health even further with Dr. Schwartz’s help and expertise. Now I check in with him periodically and smile when he tells me my atlas is in place. It’s almost like getting an A on a test in school. The initial adjustment was with Dr. Sweat, but it has been Dr. Schwartz who has maintained and overseen all further treatments since 2002. Over these years, Dr. Schwartz has willingly, professionally and carefully addressed all the aches and pains that have occurred from not only getting older, but mainly, the residual effects of that auto accident some 20+ years ago.
I firmly believe in the miracle of the Atlas Orthogonal training and think Dr. Marc Schwartz excels in this field.
“I’ve had severe headaches for more than six years. I tried dental appliances, physical therapy, cortisone injections, and spent a lot of money. I took maximum doses of anti-inflammatory drugs. None of it worked for very long. Treatments by Dr. Schwartz, with occasional follow-ups, have now kept me pain free. Many thanks go to Dr. Schwartz."
Silver Spring, MD
“After suffering a severe shoulder injury in a four-wheeler accident, many years ago, I was given care by a local orthopedic doctor. When the recommendation to fix the pain was surgery, I sought alternative options. Atlas Chiropractic in Annapolis recommended I try some adjustment and laser treatments, which I was happy to consider. After only two appointments, the pain was relieved, no surgery required, and fortunately I am pain-free to this day. Now Marc is the first option I consider when back or joint pain needs attention."
Annapolis, MD
A year ago, I lost the use of my left knee. Thanks to you and your Atlas Orthogonal training, we discovered it was a problem with my neck and, as a result, my lower back, therefore causing the problem in my knee.
I am very pleased to find that with your help we were able to begin a series of corrections to my atlas that resulted in the realignment of my lower back, By decompressing the nerves in my lumbar region I can now walk and climb stairs with very little or, no pain. At 80 years old, this is a big, big thing!
Thank you for your care and compassion. It has kept me healthy, mobile and able to continue to enjoy my work as a Prosthodontist.
Most Sincerely,
Dr. Dana E. M. Kennan, DDS, MS, PAI

“I have been under Dr. Schwartz’s care for extreme low back pain. I have had wonderful results with him and thought I was in big trouble when I was rear-ended at a stoplight. I immediately went to see Dr. Schwartz to examine me for injuries. He told me I was a mess and he put me back together. I know it’s because of him I never experienced pain that day or ever from the accident. I would recommend Atlas Chiropractic and Dr. Schwartz to anyone who is in pain or wants to stay out of it."

Silver Spring, MD

“Atlas Chiropractic has helped my neck, back, and knee. I’ve been going there for over 5 years and it’s made a huge difference in correcting occasional painful kinks as well as in preventing them. The atlas method is very gentle and still amazingly effective. Dr. Schwartz is also a good listener, and obviously cares very much about helping his patients. There are high copays and deductibles on my insurance plan for chiropractic, but it’s completely worth it. It’s the most medically effective, and cost-effective, investment in my health I’ve ever made.”

Fulton, MD